Human beings are social beings by creation. We humans cannot live and act in isolation. We live in families, teams or groups to achieve our goals through fellowships, negotiations, alliances and coalitions. Human beings are interdependent on one another. All human communities are interdependent, everyone with each other.

We humans need each other to fulfill our needs. We humans need each other to express our thoughts and feelings. Very, very few humans are capable of living entirely independently of other human beings.

The Tamil Nadu Film Festival is a venture to fulfill our goal of learning, understanding and respecting other cultures through the film medium and nurturing film as an art, artists, and artiste alike.

Support us by becoming a collaborative partner, volunteering, sponsoring, buying delegate passes, and becoming a patron.

Collaborative Partner

For any event to become successful we need people/organizations from various fields to come together to achieve the common goals.

We are open to people/organizations who might acknowledge the following key attributes in a collaborative partnership arrangement:

  • Mutual support and awareness in common, defined goals
  • A willingness to work toward an agreed-upon purpose
  • Respect and the ability to recognize the expertise of all team members
  • Knowledge as a priority over titles or roles
  • Transparency in all aspects of work and communication
  • Staff development as something that is open to all individuals
  • Respect and courtesy for all
  • Acknowledgement of the fact that everyone gets better service because we know each other’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Trust

Support us by becoming a COLLABORATIVE PARTNER.

If you are interested contact us.

Become a Volunteer

A lot of planning and execution takes place to host a Film Festival. There are many departments like film acquisition, PRO, Audience Building, Marketing, etc. You could be talented in any of those areas. If you feel that you are up to it then email us with your profile and contact information.

Become a Sponsor

Hosting a film festival implies vast expenditures on various tasks. Starting from the time submissions are opened till the return of the final screening materials to their owners everything requires money. Not to mention the hunt to confirm VIPs and celebrities. 

Support us by becoming a SPONSOR.

You can support our cause, by donating any amount.

Buy The TNFF Festival Delegate Pass

TNFF festival delegate pass will be available one month before every edition of the Tamil Nadu Film Festival. This pass is only for viewing films and interacting with filmmakers at the screening venues. This pass does not give access to Dinner gatherings, Award Ceremonies, and Celebrity Interactions.

Seating will be allotted only on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis. So, request you to come before the screening begins and be seated.

Become a Patron

Tamil Nadu Film Festival wishes to be the voice of Independent Cinema. To celebrate the independent creative films and filmmakers TNFF instituted the Tamil Nadu Film Awards.

TNFF is a platform for films from anywhere in this world and made with no budget to shoestring budgets.

To be independent TNFF requires help from artists and film lovers. Remember you are going to be part of the history of Tamil Nadu by supporting the growth of emerging talents.

Patrons who contribute more than Rs.5000/-, will receive unrivalled access to the Tamil Nadu Film Festival, the Tamil Nadu Film Awards, and year-round benefits.

You are welcome to choose from the following Patron / Membership plans that suit you the best. Become a patron and keep TNFF INDEPENDENT.

Individual Annual Patron

Membership is for one person only. It is inclusive of yearly festival screenings, monthly screenings and test audience screenings. Membership is valid for one year. This membership allows you the ease of planning your screenings without having to rush at the last minute for public tickets. 

Total cost including taxes per person Rs.2,360/-

Schools Annual Patron

Membership is for one school only. Films belonging to Generation Next – Grade-schoolers: 5-12 yrs. & Teen: 13-18 yrs. will be exclusively screened on two different dates at the respective school along with a discussion.

Total cost including taxes per school Rs.11800/-

Colleges Annual Patron

Membership is for one college only.

Fiction and documentary films highlighting social issues will be screened at the respective colleges on a regular basis to promote critical thinking and growth.

Total cost including taxes per college Rs.11800/-

Test Screening Audience Patron

To view theatrically unreleased films for evaluation purposes alone. This is an individual membership. Membership is valid for one year only.

Total cost including taxes per person Rs.590/-