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August 10 – 19, 2024

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Tamil Nadu Film Festival

We welcome you to celebrate, be empowered and be educated by all forms of cinema like short films, feature films, documentary films, animated films, music videos, and ad films. You can discover and support independent film, artiste, and artist at our festival. We welcome your support to keep art, drama and music alive through films. You can become the vehicle of change by joining us.

About TNFF

Our Mission

TNFF – Tamil Nadu Film Festival is a platform to showcase cultures of the world through thought-provoking independent films, excellence in film making and to promote inter-cultural relationship, discuss diversity in the current state of the Film Industry and help bring change in the future state of the Film Industry.

TNFF celebrates, educates, empowers, promotes and proliferates amazing quality independent Cinema.

Our Festival

The 2nd Tamil Nadu Film Festival (TNFF 2024) is a Film Festival with live screenings that will be held from 10th to 19th August 2024 at Discovery Book Palace Pvt. Ltd., K K Nagar West, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

TNFF encourages film submissions from all corners of the world.

TNFF identifies and recognizes the new emerging talent who will become the future great masters and crowns them with various Awards through its TAMIL NADU FILM FESTIVAL AWARDS

List of programs

Our Programs

Keeping the event truly international TNFF will offer 10 days of celebration, with live screenings of Local & International independent films, Press Opportunities, Networking Occasions, Industry Attendance, Discussion Forum & High-Quality Workshops.

Film categories included for screening are Narrative Features, Documentary Features, Animated Features, Short Films, Short Documentaries, Short Animations, Music Videos, Short-short Films, and Student Productions from film schools.

Welcome Filmmakers

The following film forms are accepted;

  • Narrative Features
  • Documentary Features
  • Animated Features
  • Short Films
  • Short Documentaries
  • Short Animations
  • Music Videos
  • Short-Short Films
  • Student Productions from film schools.

Your film will be categorized in one of the following sections;

  1. International Mix (for international cinema)
  2. Indian Mix (for new discoveries and promising talents from the Indian film world)
  3. Tamil Mix (for challenging new trend in Tamil Cinema)
  4. Campus Student Mix (Student films from all over the world)
  5. Generation Next – Grade Schooler: 5-12 yrs. (films for young audiences) &
  6. Generation Next – Teen: 13-18 yrs. (films for adolescent audiences)

Welcome Film Lovers!

What do a 5-year-old child, A 16-year-old teen, A 25-year-old Adult, A 40-year-old Mature adult, and a 60-year-old elder person enjoy in common?

They all love stories, especially movies…

Indian Cinema is unique in comparison to other cinema of the world.

True to its nature Indian Cinema has remained the most powerful vehicle for the freedom of speech and expression.

The best place for film enthusiasts to enjoy this medium is by enrolling in Film Clubs / Film Societies.
Film Clubs / Film Societies are the right places where film lovers can celebrate, educate, empower, promote, and proliferate this many amazing quality Cinema.

Let us grow our Indian Film Culture with good cinema.

We welcome you film lovers and patrons to raise your voice today by filling this “FILM LOVERS AND PATRONS SURVEY”

Our Partners

The greatness of an event is truly in hands of its partners. We are immensely grateful to all our partners.

Submission Partners

International Collaborator

Payment Partners

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